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Entevate: Innovating today for a better tomorrow.

At ENTEVATE, we specialize in helping businesses evolve and thrive. We're here to help you harness the power of innovation to take your enterprise to the next level.

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Our Mission

We are shaping a future where innovation is understandable, impactful, and accessible
to all. 

Our Vision

We are the trusted partner of choice for businesses and communities seeking to connect the power of progress and human potential.

Our Values

We keep it real
We are passionate about building genuine relationships with our clients centered around mutual respect, trust and collective knowledge. We encourage open communication, honest feedback and cross-functional teamwork, built on a foundation of transparency and shared success. We nurture a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone feels a shared sense of ownership and is valued for their contribution.
We are YOUR champions
Your challenges are our challenges and your wins are our wins. We strive to understand the emotions and motivations of our clients and their audiences, crafting strategies and solutions that connect authentically with users and create lasting impressions. We prioritize exceeding your expectations and making your success our ultimate goal.
We are change-makers and
We embrace change, respond quickly to new opportunities, and continually evolve our expertise to remain at the forefront of innovation. We embrace a culture of curiosity and lifelong exploration to help our clients achieve competitive advantage through our partnerships. We stay on top of trends that have the potential to radically change industries or markets so you don’t have to.
We set a high bar
In a world where ordinary is often the norm, we choose to stand out by making extraordinary our standard. We believe in setting a high bar for every aspect of our work, ensuring that we deliver premium experiences in every interaction– big or small. We are committed to making each engagement feel personal and meaningful, as if you are working with a trusted friend. Our goal is not just about delivering quality; it's about redefining it, one client at a time.
We always do the right thing
We are committed to creating a lasting, positive impact on the world—through our interactions with our clients, our team members and our community. We uphold the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct in all our business activities and seek to be a force for good in all we do.
OUr Team

Who We Are

Jake Hamann

Founder & CEO

Empowering innovation and purpose...

I'm Jake Hamann, the Founder and CEO of ENTEVATE. My story is deeply rooted in a singular purpose: to better people's lives. My fulfillment comes from serving others, from my community to the wider world, connecting, creating, and solving problems, which became my blueprint for creating ENTEVATE.

ENTEVATE is more than a business; it's the manifestation of my life's purpose. It combines all my knowledge, experiences, and relationships to create something that not only innovates but serves a greater good.

My professional path here was paved with roles in agency and corporate sectors, including a significant tenure at Caterpillar Inc. and engagements with companies like Rheem, Boeing, UILabs, TADA, and others.  These experiences were instrumental in shaping my technical curiosity and my entrepreneurial spirit, leading to the creation of ONEFIRE, AUTIX, and ENTEVATE.  Each step has been about moving ideas and innovation forward, blending my roles as a business builder, disruptive innovator, and ecosystem builder.  

But it’s not just all business.  From founding communities and non-profits  like Startup Peoria, StartupNTX, Peoria Innovation Alliance, and engaging with Bradley University, Right to Start and The Kauffman Foundation, my passion has always been and will continue to extend beyond the corporate world, involving entrepreneurship support, mentoring, and regional ecosystem development. At ENTEVATE, we're cultivating a culture of empowerment and innovation, not just within the company but extending into the broader business and entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Whether it's through mentoring budding entrepreneurs or leading large-scale projects, my goal is always the same – to leave a positive, lasting impact. Simon Sinek's words resonate deeply with me: "Leadership is not about being in charge, it’s about taking care of those in your charge." To me, leadership means integrity, empathy, and building meaningful relationships and connections. It's about practicing kindness, showing genuine interest in others, and being grateful for life's blessings.

Harsh Shah

Co-Founder & COO

Crafting Digital Narratives With the
Human Touch...

I'm Harsh Shah, the Co-Founder and COO of ENTEVATE. My journey is one of blending technology with design to deliver impactful digital experiences. Early in my career, while working with Jake at ONEFIRE, I explored AR/VR potentials and converting highly technical engineering 3D files to user-friendly marketing experiences. This work led to product development for marketing and service training across industry giants like Caterpillar, Motorola, and Lionbridge. At Tada Now, I spearheaded a team that transformed a consulting approach into a comprehensive SaaS platform, significantly enhancing user engagement and product development. This role was not just about leadership but about reimagining how products can touch lives and transform complex businesses.

Each experience was a stepping stone to building ENTEVATE, where I now leverage my extensive background to lead the creation of digital narratives that are not only interactive and engaging but also deeply human. At ENTEVATE, I am dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what's possible, blending technology with storytelling to create experiences that resonate on a personal level. I believe in the power of digital transformation to not only drive business objectives but also to connect with individuals in meaningful and lasting ways.

I am a firm believer in the power of predictive innovation - anticipating what people will need and want before they even know it themselves. It's this forward-thinking approach that has defined my career and shapes the vision of ENTEVATE.

What excites me  most about ENTEVATE's future is the team - a group of highly skilled individuals, each an expert in their craft, ready to create without limits. After all, as Bob Iger so eloquently said, “The riskiest thing we can do is maintain the status quo.”

Jack Sylvester

Managing Director of Digital & Content Transformation

Connection, Learning, and Growth...

I'm Jack Sylvester, Managing Director of Digital and Content Transformation,  and at the heart of who I am lies a profound commitment to connecting people, problems, and continuous learning. My journey has been diverse, filled with enriching experiences that have shaped my approach to innovation and education. As a family man, a father of three, and a husband, my personal life is deeply intertwined with my professional ethos.  I believe when humanity and technology intersect, we can change the world.

My professional path has taken me through a series of transformative roles across various industry giants. At Marriott International, I served as the Senior Director of Learning Ecosystem and Innovation, where I redefined the platform approach to learning, focusing on enhancing performance support and the learning experience. This role was preceded by time at Tesla's Energy Division as the Training Technology Lead, where we developed a comprehensive learning platform for installers, ensuring they remained skilled, safe,  and informed. My journey also included 5 years at McDonald's Corporation as the Director of Learning Technology, where we expanded the global reach of learning platforms and knowledge management, integrating them seamlessly into everyday work environments. At Thermo Fisher Scientific, I helped  launch Thermo Fisher University, a hub for continuous learning and professional development.

Throughout these experiences I was able to also branch out into consulting, where I collaborated with ServiceNow and United Airlines and further advanced my skills in learning strategy, system transitions and training content transformation. It's this rich tapestry of experiences that brought me to ENTEVATE. I met Jake at a time when his entrepreneurial spark and timing aligned - something clicked. While we didn’t partner directly at that time, our journeys continued toward the opportunity to create something special together. 

I am thrilled to be presented with an irresistible opportunity to grow a brand, build something meaningful, and solve complex problems in the learning and technology space.. With ENTEVATE, I find myself at the beginning of a new, exciting chapter, one that promises continual personal and professional growth. Here, I'm not just a part of a team; I'm part of a movement that blends innovation with practical application, creating a future where learning and technology intersect seamlessly.

Michael Binko

Managing Director of Innovation Roadmapping

Navigating Metric-Driven Roadmaps for Innovation Success...

I'm Michael Binko, aka "binko," Managing Director for Innovation | Capital | Ecosystems. I'm an innovator, serial entrepreneur, and venture funder, with a passion for entrepreneurship. With extensive experience in executive leadership roles, I've worked in corporate strategy, finance, operations, sales/marketing, and venture development for both large corporations and startups.

As an early leader of Startup America and CEO of Startup Maryland®, I've launched initiatives to support startups. CoFounder of the Black Butterfly Network, CoFounder | CMO of LaunchFuel®, and founder of STRT1UP Ventures® with a diverse portfolio of companies.

As an angel investor, I focus on innovation categories like Cyber, Quantum, Blockchain, Cloud, AI/ML/LLM, Metaverse, Gene+Cell Therapy, and Data/Analytics across sectors. I'm also the CoFounder and Policy+Advocacy Chair for the Startup Champions Network (SCN), continuing the mission of Startup America globally.

My higher education journey includes two honors degrees from James Madison University and graduation from the prestigious Innovation Management program at the University of Maryland. I've shared my passion and knowledge as an instructor at institutions like UMD, MIT, VTech, GMU, JMU, and Johns Hopkins.

Involved in initiatives with the National Science Foundation (NSF) and I-Corps programs, I've co-chaired working groups for NIST and contributed to The Accelerators by-line for the Wall Street Journal. My holistic approach combines global insights with metric-driven outcomes to foster innovation-rich environments.

Jaclyn Scrivens

managing Director of Experiential Branding & Marketing

I’m Jaclyn Scrivens, Managing Director of Experiential Branding & Marketing. With a rich background spanning over two decades as a brand strategist and executive leader, my expertise lies in crafting and executing global brand, go-to-market, and content strategies. I bring a comprehensive skill set covering audience insights, data analysis, research, brand and product positioning, creative design and testing, experiential marketing, media planning, public relations, community marketing, sponsorships, and ROI tracking. In my recent role as Director of Brand & Content at Country Financial, I spearheaded the development of a holistic brand and content strategy, overseeing cross-functional teams, managing budgets, and driving the strategy and creative for all touchpoints in the client journey.

Throughout my career, I’ve played pivotal roles in various Fortune 100-1000 companies, contributing significantly to brand establishment and growth. Notably, my experience includes leading a core agency department of strategic account professionals at MMI (now Crispin Porter + Bogusky), where I oversaw multi-millions in revenue.

I have earned certifications in Insights for Innovation, Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing and a Six Sigma Green Belt Certification from Caterpillar Inc. I am also a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Bradley University, with a degree in Communications, specializing in Advertising, and a minor in Marketing.

Joining ENTEVATE’s founding team was driven by the opportunity to effect meaningful change alongside a talented, passionate, and values-aligned team. The prospect of continual learning and daily challenges within this diverse team is what excites me most about our future collaboration. Described in four words—strategic, real, fearless, and empathetic—my passion centers around understanding the psychology of people to best serve them. People are at the heart and soul of all we do and when we understand their needs, wants and what they value most, we can uncover the best ways to make an impact and elevate what they experience.

My people-first mentality doesn’t stop with client work as my leadership philosophy focuses on coaching, teaching, and developing my team members. And as a brand strategist, I emphasize building a brand from the inside out, prioritizing the well-being of people as they play a pivotal role in nurturing and enhancing the brand and business.

Grant Lonie

Director of Engineering

From Code to Customer–Shaping User Experiences in Tech...

Hello, I'm Grant Lonie, the Director of Engineering at ENTEVATE. My journey over the past decade has led me through diverse roles - from engine validation engineer to electronic product manager, software architect, supply chain consultant, and startup CTO. This path has been an adventure in expanding my skills and industry knowledge, driven by a desire to understand the intricate workings of the world and how people interact with it.

The unifying threads in my career have been curiosity and a love for all things software. Whether it's user interfaces, embedded systems, backend infrastructure, engineering scripting, or big data analysis, my passion lies in creating software that people find engaging and intuitive. In recent years, I've focused on developing advanced analytical user interfaces built on modern web technologies, tailor-made to meet user needs and exceed their expectations.

Joining the team at ENTEVATE marks an exciting new chapter in my career. Here, I am eager to lay the technical foundation for our projects. My role involves not just selecting the frameworks and tools our team uses but also ensuring that everything we do aligns with the high standards of quality and excellence that are at the core of ENTEVATE’s values. With my broad industry experience and leadership skills, I am fully committed to creating exceptional experiences for our customers. 

Hanah Zachariah

XR Developer

Fusing Art and Tech to Create Interactive Experiences...

I’m Hanah, XR Developer and Graduate Student in Computer Science at UT Dallas. I am excited to bring my unique perspective in software development, augmented and virtual reality to the ENTEVATE team. My aim is to develop unique solutions which are optimized to perform well even with limited access to resources. Developing a low cost yet reliable alert system for the Indian Railways was a challenging foray into this way of developing.

Recent work has been in experiential design within a space hosted at the Richardson IQ-HQ. Various projects that came from this include using RFID technology, Touch Tables and Augmented Reality Portals to let users truly experience the space.

My current research with the Multimodal Interaction Lab at UTD focuses on haptics and their crucial role in enhancing user experiences in XR. This extends to creating innovative multisensory user interfaces and interaction techniques for immersive computing. Pulling on various interests of mine like music and art during my research opens many interesting paths that I hope to bring to ENTEVATE in creating captivating experiences.

Jess Olson

Executive Admin

Jess is a highly skilled and dedicated executive assistant with a passion for organization and efficiency. With her years of experience in providing support to a wide range of executives, she has developed a keen understanding of the intricacies involved within ENTEVATE by managing complex schedules, prioritizing tasks, and maintaining confidentiality.

Known for her exceptional attention to detail and impeccable organizational abilities, Jess thrives in fast-paced environments where multitasking and adaptability are essential.

She is proficient in a wide range of software and tools, including calendar management systems, project management platforms, and graphic design applications. Jess is adept at streamlining administrative workflows, implementing efficient processes, and leveraging technology to enhance productivity.

In addition to her technical skills, Jess possesses outstanding interpersonal skills, displaying professionalism and discretion in handling sensitive information. She approaches her role with a positive attitude, acting as a trusted partner to our ENTEVATE founders and team as well as providing the necessary support to help them achieve their goals.

Jess is excited to bring her expertise and passion to support ENTEVATE in navigating the challenges of today's dynamic business environment and supporting our mission through innovation.

Chelsea Missick

Business Development Consultant

Chelsea leverages her extensive network, cultivated over many years, to support ENTEVATE in identifying high-level connections. With a keen eye for new business opportunities, she is dedicated to expanding and enriching the exceptional roster of professionals associated with ENTEVATE.


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